Fictiune Erotica / Romance

A Light in the Flame - Volume 2

Jennifer L Armentrout
ISBN: 9781957568041


Hannah Grace
ISBN: 9781398525689


Jessie Burton
ISBN: 9781526662408


Tessa Bailey
ISBN: 9780349437316

Final Offer

Lauren Asher
ISBN: 9780349433479

Exes and O's

Amy Lea
ISBN: 9780241997543

Love Marriage

Monica Ali
ISBN: 9780349015507

Virtual Strangers

Sam Canning
ISBN: 9781838779221

Daisy Haites - The Great Undoing

Jessa Hastings
ISBN: 9781398717237

Magnolia Parks - The Long Way Home

Jessa Hastings
ISBN: 9781398717220

Daisy Haites

Jessa Hastings
ISBN: 9781398717213

A Guide to Being Just Friends

Sophie Sullivan
ISBN: 9781472280725

Mistakes Were Made

Meryl Wilsner
ISBN: 9780349434087

Skip to the End

Molly James
ISBN: 9781529409581

Back In A Spell

Lana Harper
ISBN: 9780349431642

Maybe Someday

Colleen Hoover
ISBN: 9781471135514

Window Shopping

Tessa Bailey
ISBN: 9780349433332

The Gravity of Us

Phil Stamper
ISBN: 9781526619945

Too Wild to Tame

Tessa Bailey
ISBN: 9780349435855

Too Beautiful to Break

Tessa Bailey
ISBN: 9780349435886

Too Hard to Forget

Eileen Cook
ISBN: 9780349435909

Loathe To Love You

Ali Hazelwood
ISBN: 9781408726778

The Things We Leave Unfinished

Rebecca Yarros
ISBN: 9781804992326

Great and Precious Things

Rebecca Yarros
ISBN: 9781804992418

Weather Girl

Rachel Lynn Solomon
ISBN: 9781405954723

Well Met

Jen DeLuca
ISBN: 9781405956499

Well Played

Jen DeLuca
ISBN: 9781405956512

Well Matched

Jen DeLuca
ISBN: 9781405956536

Well Traveled

Jen Deluca
ISBN: 9781405956550