The Haunted House

Charles Dickens
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Necroscope - Volume 1

Brian Lumley
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The Amusements

Aingeala Flannery
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The Box

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In Memoriam

Alice Winn
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Amazing Grace Adams

Fran Littlewood
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The Coroner's Daughter

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Classic Crimes

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Cursed Bread

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Fire Rush

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Something Wild & Wonderful

Anita Kelly
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Victory City

Salman Rushdie
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Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies

Maddie Mortimer
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Hotel Milano

Tim Parks
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Juno Loves Legs

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The New Life

Tom Crewe
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The Curator

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M. R. James Ghost Stories

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White Cat, Black Dog

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We All Want Impossible Things

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Children of Paradise

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The Whale Tattoo

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Scottish Stories

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An Island Wedding

Jenny Colgan
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Alastair Reynolds
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It's the End of the World, My Love

Alla Gorbunova
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The Foxglove King

Hannah Whitten
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Our Wives Under The Sea

Julia Armfield
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