The Need

Helen Phillips
ISBN: 9781784742843

Redhead by the Side of the Road

Anne Tyler
ISBN: 9781784743482

A charge de revanche!

Sophie Kinsella
ISBN: 9782266313605

The Soulmate Equation

Christina Lauren
ISBN: 9780349426891

The Magnificent Sons

Justin Myers
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The Search Party

Simon Lelic
ISBN: 9780241986189

Seat 7a

Sebastian Fitzek
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The Redemption of Time

ISBN: 9781800248977

The Supernova Era

Cixin Liu
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Ball Lightning

Cixin Liu
ISBN: 9781800248953

Wandering Earth

Cixin Liu
ISBN: 9781800248946


Magda Carneci
ISBN: 9781646050413

To Be a Man

Nicole Krauss
ISBN: 9781408871850

The Wailing Woman

Maria Lewis
ISBN: 9780349421322

We Are All the Same in the Dark

Julia Heaberlin
ISBN: 9781405940795

Blue Dog

Louis de Bernieres
ISBN: 9781910701997

Under a White Sky

Elizabeth Kolbert
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Hao Jingfang
ISBN: 9781786696526

Spoiler Alert

Olivia Dade
ISBN: 9780349427973

Mrs Caliban

Rachel Ingalls
ISBN: 9780571367986

It's Behind You

Kathryn Foxfield
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Near the Bone

Christina Henry
ISBN: 9781789097054

The Woods Are Always Watching

Stephanie Perkins
ISBN: 9780593324677


N. G. Peltier
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If It Bleeds

Stephen King
ISBN: 9781529391589

A Passage North

Anuk Arudpragasam
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That Old Country Music

Kevin Barry
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The Evolutionary Void

Peter F. Hamilton
ISBN: 9781509868667

The Temporal Void

Peter F. Hamilton
ISBN: 9781509868650

The Dreaming Void

Peter F. Hamilton
ISBN: 9781509868636