The Vegan Kit

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New Vegan Baking

Ana Rusu
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Caught Snackin': 100 recipes. Simple. Fast. Flavoursome.

Caught Creating Ltd
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The Vital Vegan

Leah Vanderveldt
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Anders Ryehauge
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Behind the Bar

Alia Akkam
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Wild Drinks

Sharon Flynn
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The Ultimate Book of Cocktails

Dan Jones
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The Little Book of Whisky

Tom Hay
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Table for Two

Bre Graham
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Broke Vegan: One Pot

Sam Dixon
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The Simple Vegan Kitchen

Lauren McNeill
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Eat More Vegan

Annie Rigg
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Naruto: The Unofficial Cookbook

Danielle Baghernejad
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The Vegan Week

Gena Hamshaw
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Mochi, Cakes and Bakes

Catherine Zhang
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Noma 2.0

Rene Redzepi, Mette Soberg, Junichi Takahashi
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The Cookie Bible

Rose Levy Beranbaum
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The Complete Language of Food

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The Home Cafe

Asia Lui Chapa
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Simple Small-Batch Baking

Mike Johnson
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Sugar and Spice Cookies

Megan Neveu
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Cocktails with a Curator

Xavier F. Salomon , Aimee Ng
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Sally Butcher
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The Delmonico Way

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At the Table of La Fortezza

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The Fast Five

Donna Hay
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The Wine Bible

Karen MacNeil
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