Under the Whispering Door

T. J. Klune
ISBN: 9781529087970

State of Terror

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Louise Penny
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Sherlock Holmes and The Three Winter Terrors

James Lovegrove
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If We Were Villains - Signed Edition

M. L. Rio
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The Last House on Needless Street

Catriona Ward
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The Search Party

Simon Lelic
ISBN: 9780241986189

Seat 7a

Sebastian Fitzek
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Near the Bone

Christina Henry
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The Woods Are Always Watching

Stephanie Perkins
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If It Bleeds

Stephen King
ISBN: 9781529391589

Nothing Can Hurt You

Nicola Maye Goldberg
ISBN: 9781526619471

The Couple at No. 9

Claire Douglas
ISBN: 9781405943406

The Coven

Lizzie Fry
ISBN: 9780751577945

A Slow Fire Burning

Paula Hawkins
ISBN: 9780857524454

City of windows

Robert Pobi
ISBN: 9782757886649

A Time for Mercy

John Grisham
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Ghost Stories

M. R. James
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Billy Summers

Stephen King
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The Sandpit

Nicholas Shakespeare
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The Disaster Tourist

Yun Ko-Eun
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Cardiff, by the Sea

Joyce Carol Oates
ISBN: 9781800241411

Last Flight to Stalingrad

Graham Hurley
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The Open Door

Margaret Oliphant
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Crawling Horror

Daisy Butcher, Janette Leaf
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A Time for Mercy

John Grisham
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When the Dead Come Calling

Helen Sedgwick
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Last Hours

Minette Walters
ISBN: 9781911630654

The Year of the Witching

Alexis Henderson
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Terrifying Ghosts Short Stories

ISBN: 9781839644818