Necroscope - Volume 1

Brian Lumley
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The Box

Dan Malakin
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The Curator

Owen King
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Tales of Cosmic Terror

H. P. Lovecraft
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M. R. James Ghost Stories

Montague Rhodes James
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Children of Paradise

Camilla Grudova
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How to Kill Men and Get Away with It

Katy Brent
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So Close

Sylvia Day
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The Strange

Nathan Ballingrud
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Gothic Horror Short Stories

Edgar Allan Poe, Edward Frederic Benson
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The Other Side of Night

Adam Hamdy
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The Apartment Upstairs

Lesley Kara
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American Predator

Maureen Callahan
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Celle qui brule

Paula Hawkins
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Notes on an Execution

Danya Kukafka
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If I Tell

Gill Perdue
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The Key In The Lock

Beth Underdown
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Salem's lot

Stephen King
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Passage of Arms

Eric Ambler
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A Kind of Anger

Eric Ambler
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Mona Awad
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The Whisperer in Darkness

H.P. Lovecraft
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The Haunter of the Dark

H.P. Lovecraft
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Birnam Wood

Eleanor Catton
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Run Rose Run

James Patterson
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Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six

Lisa Unger
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The Drift

C. J. Tudor
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The Things We Do To Our Friends

Heather Darwent
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Three Assassins

Kotaro Isaka
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Red Queen

Juan Gomez-Jurado
ISBN: 9781529093643