Lowly Origin

Jonathan Kingdon
ISBN: 9780691120287

Introduction to Politics

Robert Garner, Peter Ferdinand, Stephanie Lawson
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Feminist City

Leslie Kern
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The Ecology of Freedom

Murray Bookchin
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Being Human

Lewis Dartnell
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On women

Susan Sontag
ISBN: 9780241597118

Before We Were Trans

Kit Heyam
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Body Horror

Anne Elizabeth Moore
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Decolonising the University

Gurminder K. Bhambra
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Feminist Theory

ISBN: 9780745316635

Norms of Violence

Aimee X. Delaney
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Worlds Without End

Chris Impey
ISBN: 9780262047661

The Great Experiment

Yascha Mounk
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Of Boys and Men

Richard V. Reeves
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The Language Game

Morten H. Christiansen, Nick Chater
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Wronged and Dangerous

Karen Lee Ashcraft
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Denial: The Unspeakable Truth

Keith Kahn-Harris
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Why Food Matters

Paul Freedman
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Philosophy of Social Science

Ted Benton, Ian Craib
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A Hacker's Mind

Bruce Schneier
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The LGBTQ + History Book

ISBN: 9780241596265


Jeffrey Weeks
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Thought Economics

Vikas Shah
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This Mortal Coil

Andrew Doig
ISBN: 9781526624390


Isabel Wilkerson
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A History of Masculinity

Ivan Jablonka
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The Aristocracy of Talent

Adrian Wooldridge
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The Radical Bookstore

Kimberley Kinder
ISBN: 9781517909185

Decolonize Self-Care

Alyson K. Spurgas, Zoe C. Meleo-Erwin
ISBN: 9781682193358