Cursuri Psihologie

Jung: The Key Ideas

Ruth Snowden
ISBN: 9781473669260

The Evolution of Desire

David Buss
ISBN: 9780465097760

Mindful Compassion

Paul Gilbert, Kunzang Choden
ISBN: 9781472119902

Lost Connections

Johann Hari
ISBN: 9781408878699

Anatomy of Malice

Joel E. Dimsdale
ISBN: 9780300226935

Freud: The Key Ideas

Ruth Snowden
ISBN: 9781473669154

The Makeup Artist Handbook

freelance makeup artist) Gretchen ( Davis, Mindy Hall
ISBN: 9781138200562

Beyond Doer and Done to

USA) Jessica (New York University Benjamin
ISBN: 9781138218420

Seeing Myself

Susan Blackmore
ISBN: 9781472137364

The Architecture of Psychoanalysis

Professor Jane Rendell
ISBN: 9781784536541

A Student's Dictionary of Psychology and Neuroscience

Nicky (Letter advising no longer VAT registered. June 2013 JNW) Hayes, University of Leeds) Institute of Health Sciences Peter (Leeds Family Therapy & Research Centre Stratton
ISBN: 9781138632417

The Shadow of the Object

British Psychoanalytical Society and Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytical Research) Christopher (Member Bollas
ISBN: 9781138218444

Bullying in School

ISBN: 9781137598929

Voices From the Napoleonic Wars

Jon E. Lewis
ISBN: 9781472136152

1,001 Ways to Live Wild: A Little Book of Everyday Advenures

Barbara Ann Kipfer
ISBN: 9781426216664


Michele Borba
ISBN: 9781501110078

Philosophy of Science: Very Short Introduction

University of Bristol) Samir (Professor of Philosophy of Science Okasha
ISBN: 9780198745587

The Examined Life

Stephen Grosz
ISBN: 9780099549031

Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner
ISBN: 9780465047680

Personality Adaptations

Vann Joines
ISBN: 9781870244015

Man's Search For Meaning

Viktor E. Frankl
ISBN: 9781846042843


UK) Daniel (Reader in Psychology at the University of Newcastle Nettle
ISBN: 9780199211432

The Whole-Brain Child

Tina Payne Bryson, Daniel J. Siegel
ISBN: 9781780338378

Words Can Change Your Brain

MD Andrew B. Newberg, Mark Robert Waldman
ISBN: 9780142196779

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

Oliver Sacks
ISBN: 9780330523622

Stop Caretaking the Borderline or Narcissist

Margalis Fjelstad
ISBN: 9781442238329

Why Love Matters

UK) Oxford Sue (Private Practice Gerhardt
ISBN: 9780415870535

I'm Ok, You're Ok

Thomas A. Harris
ISBN: 9780099557555

Alone Together

Sherry Turkle
ISBN: 9780465031467

Criminal Psychology

Ray Bull, Charlotte Bilby, Ruth Hatcher, Claire Cooke
ISBN: 9781851687077