Cursuri Psihologie

How the Mind Works

Steven Pinker
ISBN: 9780141980782

It's Not Always Depression

Hilary Jacobs Hendel
ISBN: 9780241976401

The River of Consciousness

Oliver Sacks
ISBN: 9781447263654

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

Jan-Willem van Prooijen
ISBN: 9781138696105


Edward De Bono
ISBN: 9781785041891

The Psychology of Grief

Richard Gross
ISBN: 9781138088078

The Psychology of Fashion

Carolyn Mair
ISBN: 9781138658677

The Psychology of Sex

Meg John Barker
ISBN: 9781138676497

Handbook for a Positive Revolution

Edward De Bono
ISBN: 9781785041907

The River of Consciousness

Oliver Sacks
ISBN: 9781447263661

When The Past Is Present

David Richo
ISBN: 9781590305713

The Perils of Perception

Bobby Duffy
ISBN: 9781786494566

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

Bandy X. Lee
ISBN: 9781250179456

The Dictionary of Body Language

Joe Navarro
ISBN: 9780008292607

Happy Teachers Change The World

Thich Nhat Hanh, Katherine Weare
ISBN: 9781941529638

Drama Therapy And Storymaking In Special Education

Paula Crimmens
ISBN: 9781843102915

Swearing Is Good For You

Emma Byrne
ISBN: 9781781255780

The Interpretation of Fairy Tales

Marie-Louise Von Franz
ISBN: 9780877735267

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

Lindsay C. Gibson
ISBN: 9781626251700

Outside the Asylum

Lynne Jones
ISBN: 9781474605762

The Inflamed Mind

Edward Bullmore
ISBN: 9781780723501

The Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre

Scott (Frantic Assembly) Graham, Steven Hoggett
ISBN: 9781138777019

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

Oliver Sacks
ISBN: 9780330523592

The Psychology of Gender

Gary Wood
ISBN: 9781138748576

The Psychology of Trust

ISBN: 9781138678491

The Psychology of Addiction

Jenny Svanberg
ISBN: 9781138207288

The Psychology of Working Life

Toon W. Taris
ISBN: 9781138207257

Rewriting the Rules

Meg John Barker
ISBN: 9781138043596

Manage Your Mind

UK) Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre Gillian (Associate Butler, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) Nick (Consultant Clinical Psychologist Grey, UK) University of Oxford St Cross College Tony (Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics and Fellow Hope
ISBN: 9780198747277

Lost Connections

Johann Hari
ISBN: 9781408878682