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Home: Works For Solo Harp By Bach, Debussy & Sting

Elizabeth Hainen, Various Composers
ISBN: 0822252237825

Vivaldi: The French Connection

La Serenissima, Antonio Vivaldi
ISBN: 0822252217827

Vivaldi: The French Connection Vol. 2

Antonio Vivaldi, La Serenissima
ISBN: 0822252221824

Chopin Etudes. Six Polish Songs

Luiza Borac, Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt
ISBN: 0822252216127

Bach: 6 Cello Suites

Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Meneses
ISBN: 0822252005226

Bach & Handel: Lorraine at Emmanuel

Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, The Orchestra of Emmanuel Music, Craig Smith
ISBN: 0822252213027

Beethoven: Complete Works for Piano and Cello

Ludwig Van Beethoven, Antonio Meneses, Menahem Pressler
ISBN: 0822252210323

Mendelssohn: Music for Cello & Piano

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Antonio Meneses, Gerard Wyss
ISBN: 0822252214024

Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos Nos. 2 & 3

Sergey Rachmaninov, Simon Trpceski, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Vasily Petrenko
ISBN: 0822252219227

Strauss: Symphonia Domestica. Oboe Concerto

Richard Strauss, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
ISBN: 0822252207125

Handel: Trio Sonatas for Two Violins and Basso Continuo

George Frideric Handel, The Brook Street Band
ISBN: 0822252235722

Bel Canto Paganini

Nicolo Paganini, Rachel Barton Pine
ISBN: 0822252237429

Bach: Testament - Complete Sonatas and Partitas for Solo

Rachel Barton Pine, Johann Sebastian Bach
ISBN: 0822252236026

Piano Nocturnes

David Quigley
ISBN: 0822252238822

Mirror in Mirror

Anne Akiko Meyers, Philarmonia Orchestra, Kristjan Järvi
ISBN: 0822252238624

Out of Italy

Phoebe Carrai, Beiliang Zhu, Avi Stein
ISBN: 0822252239423

Haydn / Vivaldi - Cello Concertos

Franz Joseph Haydn, Antonio Vivaldi, Christoph Croise, Eurasian Soloists Chamber Ensemble
ISBN: 0822252240221


Luiza Borac
ISBN: 0822252206128

A L'Estampida

The Dufay Collective
ISBN: 0822252001525

Vivaldi X2

La Serenissima & Adrian Chandler
ISBN: 0822252239225

George Enescu: Piano Suites

George Enescu, Luiza Borac
ISBN: 0822252001327


Antonio Meneses
ISBN: 0822252232820

Works By Cassado & Kodaly

Antonio Meneses, Claudio Cruz, Gaspar Cassado, Zoltan Kodaly
ISBN: 0822252235128

The Secret Lover

ISBN: 0822252232622

Telemann: Don Quixote And Other Suites & Concertos

Apollo's Fire, Jeannette Sorrell, Georg Philipp Telemann
ISBN: 0822252235326

J.S. Bach: The Six Keyboard Partitas

Charles Owen
ISBN: 0822252236620

The Italian Job

La Serenissima, Adrian Chandler
ISBN: 0822252237122

Hans Gal: Symphony No. 3, Schumann: Symphony No. 3 'Rhenish'

Hans Gal, Robert Schumann, Kenneth Woods, Orchestra of the Swan
ISBN: 0822252223026

Consorts for Viols

Orlando Gibbons, Laurence Dreyfus, Asako Morikawa, Susanna Pell
ISBN: 0822252003222

Haydn: Cello Concertos, Pereira: Concertino for Cello

Franz Joseph Haydn, Clovis Pereira, Northern Sinfonia, Antonio Meneses
ISBN: 0822252217629