I Have Set My Hert So Hy

ISBN: 0822252228625 Categorii: Avie Records. An apariție: 2015 Stoc: La comandă

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The Dufay Collective
Casa Discuri
AVIE Records
Data Publicarii
Numar Discuri
Format Audio
1. Blowe, Northerne Wyndby Voice Trio 4:01
2. I Have Set My Hert So Hyby Voice Trio 2:51
3. Plus pur l'enoyrby The Dufay Collective 2:14
4. Bryd one brere (arr. William Lyons)by Voice Trio 2:54
5. Le grant pleyserby The Dufay Collective 2:36
6. Maiden in the Mor layby Voice Trio 5:00
7. Wel wer hym that wystby Voice Trio 3:11
8. Esperanceby The Dufay Collective 2:23
9. Adam lay ibowndynby Voice Trio 2:26
10. Danger me hath, unskylfulyby The Dufay Collective 1:29
11. Alysounby Voice Trio 6:20
12. Ye have so longe kepe schepeby The Dufay Collective 4:21
13. With ryth al my herteby Voice Trio 4:29
14. Nowell, owt of youre sleep aryseby Voice Trio 4:37
15. I rede that thu be joly and gladby The Dufay Collective 1:57
16. I syng of a my den (arr. William Lyons)by Voice Trio 4:04
17. Hayl Mary ful of graceby Voice Trio 4:10
18. Ave Maria I sayby The Dufay Collective 3:19
19. Corpus Christi Carolby Voice Trio 4:23
20. Gresley Dances (arr. William Lyons)by The Dufay Collective 9:16
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