Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing

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Transform your organization using Agile principles with this proven framework

The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing provides a proven framework for applying Agile principles and processes to marketing. Written by celebrated consultant Jim Ewel, this book provides a concise, approachable, and adaptable strategy for the implementation of Agile in virtually any marketing organization.

The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing discusses six key areas of practical concern to the marketer who hopes to adopt Agile practices in their organization. They include:

  • Aligning the team on common goals
  • Structuring the team for greater efficiency
  • Implementing processes like Scrum and Kanban in marketing
  • Validated Learning
  • Adapting to Change
  • Creating Remarkable Customer Experiences

The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing also discusses four shifts in beliefs and behaviors necessary to achieving an Agile transformation in marketing organizations. They include:

  • A shift from a focus on outputs to one based on outcomes
  • A shift from a campaign mentality to one based on continuous improvement
  • A shift from an internal focus to a customer focus
  • A shift from top-down decisions to de-centralized decisions

Perfect for anyone in a leadership position at a marketing agency, The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing also belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested in improving the efficacy and efficiency of their own marketing efforts.

Full of practical advice and concrete strategies that have been successfully implemented at Fortune 500, Silicon Valley, and non-profit organizations alike, this book is an indispensable resource to help your organization make the leap to Agile.

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