Bistro. Herb chopper

ISBN: 0727015840000 Brand: Bodum Stoc: La comandă

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Not only for magicians in the kitchen - with BODUM's herb chopper BISTRO you chop herbs like a professional in no time with minimal effort! It is designed in a simple yet functionally compact way. The colors of the different parts hint at their specific function. The transparent cup allows you to check on the progress of herbs being chopped. Rotation aids built into the base of the cup maximize chopping with very little herbs sticking to the base. The seven stainless steel rotary blades are double edged to cut in both directions simultaneously. This knife assembly is protected with a red blade guard indicating danger. For the perfect grip, shape and material are mutually adjusted: The corrugated blossom-shape of the lid with the rubber casing prevents slipping and ensures user-friendly handling. It’s a kind of magic!

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