World Music

Journey to Morocco

Various Artists
ISBN: 5019396284920

Flamenco Arabe 2

Jose Luis Monton, Hossam Ramzy
ISBN: 5019396020023

Classic Catalan Songs (CD+DVD)

Marina Rossell
ISBN: 8427592001116

Magic of the Chinese Flute

Tseng Yung-Ching
ISBN: 5019396172524

The Rough Guide to Haiti

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633106725

The Rough Guide to the Music of Bolivia

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633114720

The Rough Guide to Tango

Various Artists
ISBN: 9781906063436

Lebanese Bellydance: Best Of Emad Sayyah

Emad Sayyah
ISBN: 5019396220225

Caribbean / Steeldrums

Lambeth Community Youth Steel Band, London All Stars Steel Orchestra
ISBN: 5019396221321

Klezmer Juice 2 - Yiddish Lidele

Klezmer Juice
ISBN: 5019396220928

Sufi Baul-Madness & Happiness

Bapi Das Baul
ISBN: 5019396220829

Iranian Percussion

Ramin Rahimi & Tapesh
ISBN: 5019396221826

World Dance: Cumbia

Latin Sextet
ISBN: 5019396223929

Percussion And Songs From Mali

Nahini Doumbia, Les Espoirs du Mali
ISBN: 5019396224520

African Drums And Voices

African Drums And Voices
ISBN: 5019396229723

Egypt Unveiled

Hossam Ramzy, Phil Thornton
ISBN: 5019396231627

Bets Of Celtic Folk

Various Artists
ISBN: 5019396237223

Turkish Bellydance Nasrah

Huseyin Turkmenler Ensemble
ISBN: 5019396238022

Raga Charu-Keshi for Sitar & Veena

Mustafa Raza, Rash Behari Raza
ISBN: 5019396219724

Celtic Harp

Margie Butler
ISBN: 5019396217423

Haunting Slow Airs From Ireland

Kieran Fahy
ISBN: 5019396217126

The First Ten Years

Tio Joubran
ISBN: 3149026008120

The Rough Guide to Turkish Cafe

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633121520

Traditional Songs And Dances From Columbia

Son De Pueblo
ISBN: 5019396243422

The Best Of Sean Tyrrell

Sean Tyrrell
ISBN: 5019396238428

American Indian Pow Wow - Music Of The Navajo Indians

Various Artists
ISBN: 5019396239029

Music Of Tunisia

ISBN: 5019396240322

Aotearoa: Land Of The Long White Cloud

Kahurangi Maori
ISBN: 5019396234727

Traditional Songs From Venezuela

De Norte a Sur
ISBN: 5019396234826

Modern Bellydance From Lebanon: Nayla

Emad Sayyah
ISBN: 5019396234420