The First 90 Days

Michael Watkins
ISBN: 9781422188613

Discipline Equals Freedom

Jocko Willink
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The Better Man

Eric FitzMedrud
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Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader

Herminia Ibarra
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Daniel Goleman, Heidi Grant, Amy Jen Su, Rasmus Hougaard
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This One Wild and Precious Life

Sarah Wilson
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The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency

John Seymour
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Same as Ever

Morgan Housel
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How to Smile

Thich Nhat Hanh
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The Influence Book

Nicole Soames
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Annie Duke
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Healing Animals

Federica Zizzari
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Hidden Potential

Adam Grant
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Weird Medieval Guys

Olivia Swarthout
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A Therapeutic Journey

Alain de Botton
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Clear Thinking

Shane Parrish
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Go Your Own Way

Meera Lee Patel
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Hidden Potential

Adam Grant
ISBN: 9780593656976

Clear Thinking

Shane Parrish
ISBN: 9780593716212

How to Argue

Alastair Bonnett
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Zen Teen

Tanya Carroll Richardson
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Your Difference Is Your Strength

Kris Ferraro
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Happy Sexy Millionaire

Steven Bartlett
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Giving Good Feedback

Margaret Cheng
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No Family is Perfect

Lucy Blake
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How to Feel Better

Cathy Rentzenbrink
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Surrounded by Vampires

Thomas Erikson
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Burn After Writing. Skulls

Sharon Jones
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Think Faster, Talk Smarter

Matt Abrahams
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Annie Duke
ISBN: 9781529146165