Cool Philosophy

Daniel Tatarsky
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The Most Good You Can Do

Peter Singer
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Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu
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Butchering Art

Lindsey Fitzharris
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Thank You for Arguing

Jay Heinrichs
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The Oxford Handbook of Causation

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What Is Philosophy for?

Mary Midgley
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Why Look at Animals?

John Berger
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The Phenomenology of Mind

G. W. F. Hegel
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The Future of the Image

Jacques Ranciere
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Witcraft: The Invention of Philosophy in English

Jonathan Rée
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Gesine Manuwald
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Timothy Morton
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Revolution at the Gates

Slavoj Zizek, V. I. Lenin
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Roberto Simanowski
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The Sea : A Philosophical Encounter

David Farrell Krell
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The Terror of Evidence: Volume 4

Marcus Steinweg
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Topology of Violence: Volume 9

Byung-Chul Han
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How to Die

Lucius Annaeus Seneca
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Edge of Irony

Marjorie Perloff
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Galileo's Error

Philip Goff
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Concept of Non-Photography

Francois Laruelle
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The Moral Law

Immanuel Kant
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Portrait of the Manager as a Young Author

Philipp Schoenthaler
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Rosicrucian Wisdom

Rudolf Steiner
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The Eudemian Ethics

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Love: A Very Short Introduction

University of Toronto) Ronald (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy de Sousa
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Conversations on Art and Aesthetics

Hans (University of Kent) Maes
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