The Poem of the Cid

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The Book About Everything

Declan Kiberd, Enrico Terrinoni, Catherine Wilsdon
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Collected Ancient Greek Novels

J. R. Morgan, B. P. Reardon
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Ulysses Unbound

Terence Killeen
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Fantasies of the Bookstore

Eben J. Muse
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The Stone Reader

Peter Catapano, Simon Critchley
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The Cambridge Centenary Ulysses

James Joyce
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A Summer with Montaigne

Antoine Compagnon
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Last Letter to a Reader

Gerald Murnane
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How to be Well Read

John Sutherland
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One Hundred Years of James Joyce’s “Ulysses”

Michael D. Higgins
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Shakespeare His Life and Works

Alan Riding, Leslie Dunton-Downer
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Words In Progress

Sammi LaBue
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Banned Books

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The Serpent Power

Arthur Avalon
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A Vertical Art

Simon Armitage
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Time Shelter

Georgi Gospodinov
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Cultural Amnesia

Clive James
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Letters to Change the World

Travis Elborough
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Facets of Wuthering Heights

Graeme Tytler
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Imperial Rome AD 284 to 363

Jill Harries
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Tintin et l'Histoire

Bob Garcia
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Best-sellers - L'industrie du succes

Olivier Bessard-Banquy, Sylvie Ducas
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The Portable Roman Reader

Basil Davenport
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The Singularity of Literature

Derek Attridge
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The Threepenny Opera

Bertolt Brecht, Anja Hartl, John Willett
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Dance of Thieves

​Mary E. Pearson
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