The Chicago Way

Michael Harvey
ISBN: 9781408819678

The Fifth Floor

Michael Harvey
ISBN: 9781408819685

The Messenger of Athens

Anne Zouroudi
ISBN: 9781408821251

The Taint of Midas

Anne Zouroudi
ISBN: 9781408821268

The Doctor of Thessaly

Anne Zouroudi
ISBN: 9781408821275

Whispers of Nemesis

Anne Zouroudi
ISBN: 9781408821916

The Golden Scales: A Makana Mystery

Parker Bilal
ISBN: 9781408824894

Dogstar Rising

Parker Bilal
ISBN: 9781408827857

The Sweetness of Forgetting

Kristin Harmel
ISBN: 9781780878416


Tao Lin
ISBN: 9781782111856

The Dragon Reborn

Robert Jordan
ISBN: 9781857230659

The Shadow Rising

Robert Jordan
ISBN: 9781857231212

The Professor of Truth

James Robertson
ISBN: 9780241145333


Anne Swärd
ISBN: 9780857051059

The Devil's Workshop

Jáchym Topol
ISBN: 9781846274176

Live by Night

Dennis Lehane
ISBN: 9780062197757

Live by Night

Dennis Lehane
ISBN: 9780062274106

Children of the Jacaranda Tree

Sahar Delijani
ISBN: 9780297869030

Two Graves

Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston
ISBN: 9781409135883

Waiting for Wednesday

Nicci French
ISBN: 9780718156978


Janet Fox
ISBN: 9780142424308

Rules of Civility

Amor Towles
ISBN: 9780143121855

The Other Typist

Suzanne Rindell
ISBN: 9780399164804

The Book Of Dave

Will Self
ISBN: 9780141014548

Dead Men and Broken Hearts

Craig Russell
ISBN: 9781782063919

Strange Bodies

Marcel Theroux
ISBN: 9780571279791

Homemade Sin

Mary Kay Andrews
ISBN: 9780062195104

Fear in the Sunlight

Nicola Upson
ISBN: 9780062195432

Something about Sophie

Mary Kay Mccomas
ISBN: 9780062084804

The Colour of Milk

Nell Leyshon
ISBN: 9780241959541