John Wiley

The Little Book That Still Beats the Market

Joel Greenblatt
ISBN: 9780470624159

Guitar Chords for Dummies

Antoine Polin
ISBN: 9780470666036

Information Overload

Guus Pijpers
ISBN: 9780470625743

Crewing to Win

Andy Hemmings
ISBN: 9781898660057

Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom

Matthew Fraser, Soumitra Dutta
ISBN: 9780470740149

First Aid Companion

Sandra Roberts
ISBN: 9780470682067


Vik Venkatraman
ISBN: 9780470638453

India's Store Wars

Geoff Hiscock
ISBN: 9780470823514

Childhood in a Global Perspective

Karen Wells
ISBN: 9780745638379

Identifying Citizens

David Lyon
ISBN: 9780745641560

Successful e-Learning Interface

Michael W. Allen
ISBN: 9780787982973

Feature and Magazine Writing

David E. Sumner, Holly G. Miller
ISBN: 9781405192040

Putting Information First

ISBN: 9781444338676

Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives

Moorad Choudhry
ISBN: 9781576603345

The Channel

Neville Featherstone, Derek Aslett
ISBN: 9781904358121

The Public Domain

James Boyle
ISBN: 9780300158342

Liberating Learning

Terry M. Moe, John E. Chubb
ISBN: 9780470442142

Treatment Planning for Depression

Arthur E. Jongsma Jr., Timothy J. Bruce
ISBN: 9780470548127

Confidence Game

Christine S. Richard
ISBN: 9780470648278

One Planet Communities

Pooran Desai
ISBN: 9780470715468

The Tudors

David Loades
ISBN: 9780470687925

When Baby Brings the Blues

Ariel Dalfen
ISBN: 9780470154212

The Ropes to Skip and the Ropes to Know

R. Richard Ritti, Steve Levy
ISBN: 9780470169674

Research Methods for Everyday Life

Scott W. VanderStoep, Deidre D. Johnson
ISBN: 9780470343531

Design Informed

Gordon H. Chong, Robert Brandt, W. Mike Martin
ISBN: 9780470395622

The Prince

Niccolo Machiavelli
ISBN: 9780857080783


Andrew H. Feinstein
ISBN: 9780471730088

Hotel Front Office Simulation

Sheryl F. Kline, William Sullivan
ISBN: 9780471203315

The Event Sponsorship

Bruce E. Skinner, Vladimir Rukavina
ISBN: 9780471126010