There Is No Now

Knut Ebeling
ISBN: 9783956793516

What About Activism?

Steven Henry Madoff, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Joshua Decter, Mick Wilson, Nato Thompson
ISBN: 9783956794728

Ion Grigorescu

Andreiana Mihail, Georg Schollhammer
ISBN: 9783956794001

Of(f) Our Times: Curatorial Anachronics

Beatrice von Bismarck, Cosmin Costinas, Rike Frank
ISBN: 9783956794995

Curating the Complex and the Open Strike

Terry Smith
ISBN: 9783956795312

Logic of the Collection

Boris Groys
ISBN: 9783956795268

Co-existence of Times

Joahnne Logstrup
ISBN: 9783956795718


Nicolas Bourriaud
ISBN: 9783956795862

Artistic Ecologies

Emily Pethick, Pablo Martinez
ISBN: 9783956796333

Unannounced Voices

Zdenka Badovinac
ISBN: 9783956795848

Manifeste Orlan - Edition bilingue francais-anglais

Julie Crenn, Annabelle Teneze
ISBN: 9782490505401

Magyar Modern

ISBN: 9783777439044

The Art of Darkness

S. Elizabeth
ISBN: 9780711269200

Seeing Like an Artist

Lincoln Perry
ISBN: 9781567926996

Magritte: A Life

Alex Danchev
ISBN: 9781781250785

Art History

John Finlay
ISBN: 9781789505849

Appropriations and Invention

Jorge F. Rivas Perez
ISBN: 9783777439686

The Francis Effect

Tania Bruguera
ISBN: 9781646051700

In the Present Moment

Haema Sivanesan
ISBN: 9781773271644

Jesus in Art and Literature

Pierre-Marie Dumont
ISBN: 9781639670062

Louvre Les 300 Chefs-D'Oeuvre

Frederic Morvan
ISBN: 9782754100687

Ways of Curating

Hans-Ulrich Obrist
ISBN: 9780241950968

French Suite - A Book of Essays

Michael Fried
ISBN: 9781789146042

Returning to Benjamin

Victor Burgin
ISBN: 9781913620912

A New History of Western Art

Koenraad Jonckheere
ISBN: 9780300267525

Russian Dada 1914-1924

Margarita Tupitsyn, Victor Tupitsyn, Natasha Kurchanova
ISBN: 9780262536394

Punk Orientalism: The Art of Rebellion

Sara Raza
ISBN: 9781912165391