Gin the Mood

Dog 'n' Bones
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Abundant Earth

Eileen Crist
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How Your Brain Works

Greg Gage
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An Adventure in Statistics - The Reality Enigma

Andy Field
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Rutherford and Fry's Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything

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The Maths That Made Us

Michael Brooks
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The Social Instinct

Nichola Raihani
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How the World Really Works

Vaclav Smil
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What If? 2

Randall Munroe
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Aurele Parriaux
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Science Illustration

Anna Escardo
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The Future is Fungi

Michael Lim
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The Curious World of Science

Simon Flynn
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George Dyson
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The Metaverse

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The Red Queen

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Machines that Think

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Carole Hooven
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Rule of the Robots

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Herbs for Health

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The Joy of Science

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The Invention of Medicine

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Life is Simple

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Human Origins

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The Chemistry Book

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On the Origin of Species

Charles Darwin
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How To - Wie man's hinkriegt

Randall Munroe
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Der Dinge-Erklarer - Thing Explainer

Randall Munroe
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What if? Was ware wenn?

Randall Munroe
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How to Measure Anything

Christopher Joseph
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