Stay True

Hua Hsu
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The Young Man

Annie Ernaux
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Chronicles From The Future

Achilleas Sirigos, Paul Amadeus Dienach
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Heart Tantrums and Brain Tumours

Aisha Sarwari
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The Fighter of Auschwitz

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Cheryl Strayed
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Days in the Caucasus

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Elliot Page
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Hitler, Stalin, Mum and Dad

Daniel Finkelstein
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Lost and Found

Kathryn Schulz
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Anything That Moves

Jamie Stewart
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The Sick Bag Song

Nick Cave
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I Want to Die but I Want to Eat Tteokbokki

Baek Sehee
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Anjan Sundaram
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The Secret Heart

Suleika Dawson
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God Is an Octopus

Ben Goldsmith
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Adam Kay
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The Rooster House

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One Hundred Saturdays

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Such Stuff

Michael Morpurgo
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Boy Friends

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My Journeys in Economic Theory

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A Waiter in Paris

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Yours, for Probably Always

Janet Somerville
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