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World Classics Library: Nietzsche

Frederich Nietzsche
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Marcus Aurelius
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Kant's Doctrine of Virtue

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Peter Cave
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How to Count Animals, more or less

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Beyond Duty

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Kantian Commitments

Barbara Herman
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The Virtues of Limits

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Being Good in a World of Need

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The Roots of Normativity

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The Moral Habitat

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Ethics and Animals

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Metaphysical Animals

Clare Mac Cumhaill, Rachael Wiseman
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Essays - The Philosophy Classic

Michel De Montaigne
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The Classic Friedrich Nietzsche Collection

Friedrich Nietzsche
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How to Be Animal

Melanie Challenger
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A Philosophy of Lying

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A Companion to Ethics

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The Right to Sex

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Medieval Philosophy

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On Consolation

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Stoic Wisdom

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Nous, fils d'Eichmann

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Future Morality

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