Heroines and Harridans : A Fanfare of Fabulous Females

Nightingale Sandy, TOKSVIG SANDI
ISBN: 9781849543385

Mini Man Cave

ISBN: 9780762446186

Jane Austen in One Sitting

Jane Austen
ISBN: 9780762447558

Rhyming Cockney Slang

Jack Jones
ISBN: 9780902920040

The Spanish Ambassador's Suitcase

Matthew Parris, Andrew Bryson
ISBN: 9780670921034

Pu Pu Hot Pot

Ben Brusey
ISBN: 9780670921829

5000 Great One Liners

ISBN: 9781849544030

The Language of London

Daniel Smith
ISBN: 9781843175742

Filthy English

Peter Silverton
ISBN: 9781846271694

The Ralph Steadman Book of Dogs

Ralph Steadman
ISBN: 9781848876750

The Ralph Steadman Book of Cats

Ralph Steadman
ISBN: 9781848876767

Public Confessions of a Middle-Aged Woman

Sue Townsend
ISBN: 9780241961766

Wreck This Box

Keri Smith
ISBN: 9781846146817

Rommel? Gunner Who? - A Confrontation in the Desert

Spike Milligan
ISBN: 9780241958100

Mussolini: His Part in My Downfall

Spike Milligan
ISBN: 9780241958124

Where Have All the Bullets Gone?

Spike Milligan
ISBN: 9780241958131

Goodbye Soldier

Spike Milligan
ISBN: 9780241958148

Peace Work

Spike Milligan
ISBN: 9780241958155

Dad, the Original Hipster

Brad Getty
ISBN: 9781452108858

This is a Book

Demetri Martin
ISBN: 9780241957110

Round the Bend

Jeremy Clarkson
ISBN: 9780241956953

Be the Worst You Can be

Charles Saatchi
ISBN: 9781419703737

Don'ts For Wives

Blanche Ebbutt
ISBN: 9780713687903

Don'ts For Golfers

Sandy Green
ISBN: 9781408106716

Don'ts For Dancers

ISBN: 9781408109892

Don'ts for Husbands & Don'ts for Wives

Blanche Ebbutt
ISBN: 9781408140437

Don'ts for Mothers

ISBN: 9781408152232

Don'ts for Weddings

ISBN: 9781408170847