The Cabinet

Un-su Kim
ISBN: 9780857669179

Beware the Northemy

Alan Frost
ISBN: 9781800741195

Beware the Brakendeth

Alan Frost
ISBN: 9781788309592

The Invincible

Stanislaw Lem
ISBN: 9780262538473

The Anomaly

Herve le Tellier
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After the Rain

Nnedi Okorafor, John Jennings
ISBN: 9781419743566

The Expanse Box Set Books 1-3

James S. A. Corey
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The Revenge of Seven

Pittacus Lore
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Stanislaw Lem
ISBN: 9783548065298

Best of Lem

Stanislaw Lem
ISBN: 9783518471470

The Kaiju Preservation Society

John Scalzi
ISBN: 9781509835324

The Moonday Letters

Emmi Itaranta
ISBN: 9781803360447

The Labyrinth

Simon Stalenhag
ISBN: 9781398509993

The Every

Dave Eggers
ISBN: 9780241993644

The Extinction Trials

A.G. Riddle
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Bifrost no. 106

Kim Stanley Robinson, Johan Heliot, Tade Thompson, Rich Larson
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The World Set Free

H. G. Wells, Sarah Cole
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The Clockwork Man

E. V. Odle, Annalee Newitz
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Termination Shock

Neal Stephenson
ISBN: 9780008404406

Throne of Light

Guy Haley
ISBN: 9781800260177

Beware the Humans

Alan Frost
ISBN: 9781800741201

The Electric State

Simon Stalenhag
ISBN: 9781471176081

Smoke and Mirrors

Neil Gaiman
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Sea of Tranquility

Emily St. John Mandel
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Mercury Rising

R.W.W. Greene
ISBN: 9780857669728

The War of the Worlds

H.G. Wells
ISBN: 9781847496461

The Chronicles of Amber

Roger Zelazny
ISBN: 9781473222168

Unstoppable - Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak

Charlie Jane Anders
ISBN: 9781789095449

The Key to Fury

Kristin Cast
ISBN: 9781838933951

The Memory Librarian

Janelle Monae
ISBN: 9780008512415