Penguin - Bilingual Edition

Stefan Christmann
ISBN: 9783961712892

Snakes of the World

Mark O'Shea
ISBN: 9780691240664

The Lives of Beetles

Arthur V. Evans
ISBN: 9780691236513


Heather Campbell, Benjamin Blanchard
ISBN: 9780691228525

Bees of the World

Laurence Packer
ISBN: 9780691226620

The Horse Encyclopedia

Elwyn Hartley Edwards
ISBN: 9780241632666

The Insect Crisis

Oliver Milman
ISBN: 9781838951191

Complete Horse Riding Manual

William Micklem
ISBN: 9780241566275

Collins Bird Guide

Peter J. Grant, Killian Mullarney, Lars Svensson, Dan Zetterstrom
ISBN: 9780007268146

The Social Lives of Animals

Ashley Ward
ISBN: 9781788168854

The Complete Book of Cat Names

Bob Eckstein
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Helen F Wilson
ISBN: 9781789146264

How to Read an Insect

Ross Piper
ISBN: 9781803991610


Jane Eastoe
ISBN: 9781849947930

The Golden Mole

Katherine Rundell
ISBN: 9780571362493

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats

Angela Rixon
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Wild Maps: A Nature Atlas for Curious Minds

Mike Higgins
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Jared Farmer
ISBN: 9781035009053


ISBN: 9781838664787

Kitty Kit - Enjoying Your New Kitten

Peter R. Neville
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The Secret Life of Fungi

Aliyah Whiteley
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The Modern Bestiary

Joanna Bagniewska
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ISBN: 9780241569573

The Brilliant Abyss

Helen Scales
ISBN: 9780802158239

Into the Forest

Susan Tyler Hitchcock
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Cabinet of Natural Curiosities - Multilingual Edition

Albertus Seba, Irmgard Musch, Jes Rust, Rainer Willmann
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Octopus, Seahorse, Jellyfish

David Liittschwager
ISBN: 9781426221798

The Rise and Reign of the Mammals

Steve Brusatte
ISBN: 9781529034226

The Rise and Reign of the Mammals

Steve Brusatte
ISBN: 9781529034219

The Book of Brilliant Bugs

Jess French
ISBN: 9780241395806