Cursuri Psihologie

The Night Stalker

Chris Carter
ISBN: 9780857202987

Getting Gamers

Jamie Madigan
ISBN: 9781442239999

The New Black

Darian Leader
ISBN: 9780141021225

Self Efficacy

Albert Bandura
ISBN: 9780716728504

Helping Families Manage Childhood OCD

UCLA) Semel Institute Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences Tara S. (Assistant Professor Peris, UCLA) Semel Institute Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences John (Professor Piacentini
ISBN: 9780199357604

Drunk Tank Pink

Adam Alter
ISBN: 9781780745831


Joseph E. LeDoux
ISBN: 9781780747675

Building Happiness, Resilience and Motivation in Adolescents

Ruth MacConville, Tina Rae
ISBN: 9781849052610

Devon's Torre Abbey

Michael Rhodes
ISBN: 9780750962674

Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Joseph O'Connor, John Seymour
ISBN: 9781855383449

Psychoanalysis and Religion

Erich Fromm
ISBN: 9780300000894

Staring at the Sun

Irvin D. Yalom
ISBN: 9780470401811

The Best Place To Work

Ron Friedman
ISBN: 9780399165603

The French Revolution

Gary Kates, Georges Lefebvre
ISBN: 9780415253932

Dissociation, Mindfulness, and Creative Meditations

Canada) Alberta Christine C. (Private practice Forner
ISBN: 9781138838314

Wonder Woman Psychology

ISBN: 9781454923435

The Speed Reading Book

Tony Buzan
ISBN: 9781406644296

The Island of the Colour-blind

Oliver Sacks
ISBN: 9780330526104

You & Me

Susan Greenfield
ISBN: 9781910749555

Disarming the Narcissist, Second Edition

Wendy T. Behary
ISBN: 9781608827602

Beyond Borderline

Perry D. Hoffman, John G. Gunderson
ISBN: 9781626252349

The Love Secret

Dr. Sue Johnson
ISBN: 9780749955533

Owning Your Own Shadow

Robert A. Johnson
ISBN: 9780062507549

What to Feed an Asperger

Sarah Patten
ISBN: 9781849057684

How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler

Natasha Daniels
ISBN: 9781849057387

Rethinking Positive Thinking

Gabriele (Gabriele Oettingen) Oettingen
ISBN: 9781617230233

Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Dr. Joseph Murphy
ISBN: 9780735204317

face2face Intermediate Workbook with Key

Nicholas Tims
ISBN: 9781107609549

Transactional Analysis

UK) Mark (University of Salford Widdowson
ISBN: 9780415473873

Psychodrama with Children

Hanna (University of Budapest) Kende
ISBN: 9781138657687