Cursuri Psihologie

The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

C. G. Jung
ISBN: 9780415058445

Conscious Femininity

Marion Woodman
ISBN: 9780919123595

Risk Savvy

Gerd Gigerenzer
ISBN: 9780241954614

The Emotional Brain

Joseph E. LeDoux
ISBN: 9780753806708

The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty

Dan Ariely
ISBN: 9780007477333

The Art of Dreaming

Carlos Castaneda
ISBN: 9781855384279

Reflective Parenting

Michael Rutter Centre) the National Implementation Service Alistair (clinical psychologist and site consultant Cooper, Sheila (consultant clinical psychologist at the Anna Freud Centre) Redfern
ISBN: 9781138020443

Psychology of Crowds

Gustave Le Bon
ISBN: 9781907230080

Psychoanalysis: A Very Short Introduction

University of London) Birkbeck College Daniel (Professor of History Pick
ISBN: 9780199226818

Pretending to be Normal

Liane Holliday Willey
ISBN: 9781849057554

Rules for Mavericks

Phil Beadle
ISBN: 9781785831133

Investigative Psychology

David V. Canter, Dr. Donna Youngs
ISBN: 9780470023976

The Psychopath Inside

James H. Fallon
ISBN: 9781617230158

Understanding and Treating Chronic Shame

Patricia A. DeYoung
ISBN: 9781138831209

Schema Therapy

Jeffrey Young, Eshkol Rafaeli, David P. Bernstein
ISBN: 9780415462990

Gestalt Therapy

Dave Mann
ISBN: 9780415552943

Love, Guilt and Reparation

The Melanie Klein Trust
ISBN: 9780099752813

The Hungry Brain

Dr. Stephan Guyenet
ISBN: 9781785041280

Strictly Bipolar

Darian Leader
ISBN: 9780241146101

Psychotherapy: A Very Short Introduction

University of Oxford) Tom (Professor of Social Psychiatry Burns
ISBN: 9780199689361

You Just Don't Understand

Deborah Tannen
ISBN: 9781853814716

The Life Well Lived

Jim Lucey
ISBN: 9781848272330

Sanity, Madness and the Family

R. D. Laing, Aaron Esterson
ISBN: 9781138687745

Psychology and Alchemy

C. G. Jung
ISBN: 9780415034524

Catch Them Before They Fall: The Psychoanalysis of Breakdown

USA) California Christopher (in private practice Bollas
ISBN: 9780415637206


Richard Wiseman
ISBN: 9781447273387

Your Brain Is a Time Machine

Dean (UCLA) Buonomano
ISBN: 9780393247947

The Truth Will Set You Free

Alice Miller
ISBN: 9780465045853

The Teacher's Introduction to Attachment

Nicola Marshall
ISBN: 9781849055505

He's Not Lazy

Adam Price
ISBN: 9781454916871