Cultura Japoneza

Fun to Draw Mini Mangas

T. Beaudenon
ISBN: 9781440314926

Tokyo Geek's Guide

Gianni Simone
ISBN: 9784805313855

Yurei Attack! - The Japanese Ghost Survival Guide

Hiroka Yoda
ISBN: 9784805312148

Yokai Attack! - The Japanese Monster Survival Guide

Hiroko Yoda, Matt Alt
ISBN: 9784805312193

Everyday Life in Traditional Japan

Charles J Dunn
ISBN: 9784805310052

Yuko-Chan and the Daruma Doll

Sunny Seki
ISBN: 9784805311875

Batman Vol. 4 - Zero Year

Scott Snyder
ISBN: 9781401249335

Japanese Tales from Times Past

Naoshi Koriyama
ISBN: 9784805313411

Elements of Japanese Design

Boye Lafayette De Mente
ISBN: 9780804837491

Cool Japan Guide

Abby Denson
ISBN: 9784805312797

Etiquette Guide to Japan

Boye Lafayette De Mente, Geoff Botting
ISBN: 9784805313619

In Ghostly Japan

Lafcadio Hearn
ISBN: 9780804836616

More Making Out in Japanese

Todd Geers
ISBN: 9784805312254

Japanese Prints

James T. Ulak
ISBN: 9780789206138

Fun to Draw Mangamon

T. Beaudenon
ISBN: 9781440314919