Rough Guide To Salsa Dura NYC

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633117721

Rough Guide to North African Cafe

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633118728

Rough Guide to Brazil Second Edition

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633118827

West Coast Blues

Charles Brown
ISBN: 8004883680283

Rough Guide to Music of Hungarian Gypsies

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633119824

James Brown

James Brown
ISBN: 0876492001692

The Rough Guide to Brazilian Street Party

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633120622

Rough Guide to the Music of Japan

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633121124

Rough Guide Latin Lounge

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633121629

Power Ballads Vol. 1

Various Artists
ISBN: 8024391047828

Swing Mania

Various Artists
ISBN: 3298490916162

Indo Mania

Beatrice Ardisson
ISBN: 3298490913116


Beatrice Ardisson
ISBN: 3298490914113


Beatrice Ardisson
ISBN: 3298490915233

Dylan Mania - 16 Bob Dylan cover versions

Beatrice Ardisson
ISBN: 3298490915790

Love from Jaipur

Various Artists
ISBN: 3298490916292

Dubai Eklektic

Dj Ravin
ISBN: 8857122947056

Tibet - Music Of The Sacred Temples

Deben Bhattacharya
ISBN: 5019396232525

Byrd - Music For A Hidden Chapel

ISBN: 0713746518226


Cabaret Voltaire
ISBN: 5016025670116

Metal Millenium

Various Artists
ISBN: 0666629101728

The Orginal Sound Of Sheffield

Cabaret Voltaire
ISBN: 0724381124321


ISBN: 4028462800057

Monastic Chant

Theatre of Voices
ISBN: 0093046735623

A Company of Voices - Conspirare in Concert

Samuel Barber, Sydney Carter, Eliza Gilkyson
ISBN: 0093046753429