Brand: Yale University Press

The Culture of the New Capitalism

Richard Sennett
ISBN: 9780300119923

Turkey Under Erdogan

Dimitar Bechev
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The Economic Weapon

Nicholas Mulder
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What We Live For, What We Die For

Serhiy Zhadan
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Serhiy Zhadan
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Art and Violence in Early Renaissance Florence

Scott Nethersole
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The Orphanage

Serhiy Zhadan
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Andrew Wilson
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Not One Inch

M. E. Sarotte
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Carlos Eire
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Mary Heimann
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Van Dyck: A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings

Susan J. Barnes, Nora De Poorter, Oliver Millar, Horst Vey
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The Ukrainians: Unexpected Nation

Andrew Wilson
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The Weaponisation of Everything

Mark Galeotti
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Richard Siken
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Civil Wars

David Armitage
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The Polymath

Peter Burke
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The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt

William Stevenson Smith
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Futures of Surrealism

Gavin Parkinson
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The Story of Work

Lucassen, Jan
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Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror

Carlos Basualdo, Scott Rothkopf
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Lee Lozano : Not Working

Jo Applin
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Seapower States

Andrew Lambert
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Architecture in Uniform

Jean-Louis Cohen
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