Brand: Penguin Books Ltd


James Joyce
ISBN: 9780141182452

The Complete Henry Bech

John Updike
ISBN: 9780141188560

Little Women - and Good Wives

Louisa May Alcott
ISBN: 9780140390698


Andre Gide
ISBN: 9780140180930

Six Characters In Search Of An Author And Other Plays

Luigi Pirandello
ISBN: 9780140189223

Winter Of Our Discontent

John Steinbeck
ISBN: 9780141186313

Badenheim, 1939

Aharon Appelfeld
ISBN: 9780141188201

The Castle

Franz Kafka
ISBN: 9780141183442

Memoirs Of Hadrian

Marguerite Yourcenar
ISBN: 9780141184968

In Cold Blood

Truman Capote
ISBN: 9780141182575

The Diary Of A Young Girl - Definitive Edition

Anne Frank
ISBN: 9780141182759

The Psychology Of Love

Sigmund Freud
ISBN: 9780141186030

An Autobiography

Mahatma Gandhi
ISBN: 9780141186863

Interpreting Dreams

Sigmund Freud
ISBN: 9780141187082


Franz Kafka
ISBN: 9780141188386

Metamorphosis And Other Stories

Franz Kafka
ISBN: 9780141188126

Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand
ISBN: 9780141188935

The Good Woman Of Setzuan

Bertolt Brecht
ISBN: 9780141189178

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Bertolt Brecht
ISBN: 9780141189161


Tennessee Williams
ISBN: 9780141189291

The Dean's December

Saul Bellow
ISBN: 9780141188867


Hermann Hesse
ISBN: 9780141189574

Bonjour Tristesse - And A Certain Smile

Francoise Sagan
ISBN: 9780141442303

Company Of Liars

Karen Maitland
ISBN: 9780141031910