Brand: Orion Publishing Co

How to Build a Shed

Sally Coulthard
ISBN: 9781786272829

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

Garth Nix
ISBN: 9781473227781

Machine: A White Space Novel

Elizabeth Bear
ISBN: 9781473208780

Time to Say Hello

Katherine Jenkins
ISBN: 9780752884479

Heart-Shaped Box

Joe Hill
ISBN: 9781473223066

Kristen Stewart : Infinite Romance

Josie Rusher
ISBN: 9781409113812

Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn
ISBN: 9781780228228

Personal History

Katharine Graham
ISBN: 9781842126202

Reaper Man

Terry Pratchett
ISBN: 9781473200111

A History Of The Jews

Paul Johnson
ISBN: 9781842124796

The Six Wives Of Henry Viii

Antonia Fraser
ISBN: 9781842126332

Minority Report

Philip K. Dick
ISBN: 9781473223394

Flowers For Algernon

Daniel Keyes
ISBN: 9781474605731


Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter
ISBN: 9780575078017

A Simple Act of Violence

R.J. Ellory
ISBN: 9781409102663

The Lives of Saints

Leigh Bardugo
ISBN: 9781510108820

Shadow and Bone

Leigh Bardugo
ISBN: 9781510108899

Galactic North

Alastair Reynolds
ISBN: 9780575083127

Hide And Seek

Ian Rankin
ISBN: 9780752883540

Comrades In Miami

Jose Latour
ISBN: 9780753821848

The Lost Boy

Dave Pelzer
ISBN: 9781409151401

Broken Throne

Victoria Aveyard
ISBN: 9781409176039

Gods and Beasts

Denise Mina
ISBN: 9781409136668