Solar System 2015 Wall Calendar

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Take a yearlong tour around our solar system.Each month in the Solar System calendar explores a new beautiful and fascinating body in our interstellar neighborhood. Based on the best-selling book Solar System and the best-selling iPad app of the same name, Solar System 2015 Calendar is perfect for scientists, students, teachers, and anyone interested in the beauty and diversity of outer space. Every month shows a big, beautiful photograph of a featured body or event from our solar system. Monthly highlights in the 2015 calendar include the Sun, Earth, Men in the Moon, Water on Mars, Itokawa, Jupiter, Europa, Saturn, Saturn's Rings, Uranus, Titan, and Hyperion. Smaller related images populate the monthly grids, which include major North American, British, and Australian and New Zealand holidays.Includes a photographic Solar System poster!

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Workman Solar System 2015 Wall Calendar
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