Paperblanks Vintage Vogue Cabaret- Midi Lined Notebook

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The Spectacle of the Stage
Les Folies-Bergère, Le Casino de Paris, Le Moulin Rouge – the names of the famed cabarets of Art Deco Paris call to mind an exuberant atmosphere of showgirls, feathers, silks and sequins glittering in the spotlight. Art Deco is synonymous with elegance and glamour, and the work of the designers and illustrators who created the unforgettable look and feel of the era is our inspiration for the Vintage Vogue series.

The covers of our Vintage Vogue journals capture the radiance of the era’s top ingénues. The alluring image for “Plume,” originally titled “Nuits de Folies,” was created in 1932 by British theatre designer Alec Shanks using charcoal, watercolour and gouache on paper. French artist Gaston Girbal was creating posters for starlets like Edith Piaf and Josephine Baker during the same era, and we have chosen one of his legendary images as our “Cabaret Cabaret” journal cover. In these art pieces we see the sway and sensuality of movement celebrated in the best Art Deco style.

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Paperblanks Paperblanks Vintage Vogue Cabaret- Midi Lined Notebook
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