Moleskine 2013 Passions Weekly Gourmet Planner. Large

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Introducing a new addition to the Moleskine Passions line! The Moleskine 2013 Passions Large Weekly Gourmet Planner is the perfect addition to your Moleskine collection and to your passionate gourmet life. Combine your love of food into a blend of words and ingredients, cooking times, and daily engagements.

The vertical weekly planner will align your passion for gastronomy with your schedule all in one. With space for daily notes, you can record the eccentricities of your cooking, plus any changes to your schedule. Personalize the 2013 Passions Gourmet Planner with the included insert with tabbed pages plus the 260 adhesive labels to organize your life accordingly. The customized cover and spine with glossy black debossing pays a tribute to the classic Moleskine style, yet with a nod to you and your passion. Don't forget the rear expandable inner pocket to stash all those extra pieces of paper, recipes, and notes.

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Moleskine Moleskine 2013 Passions Weekly Gourmet Planner. Large
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