Moleskine 12 Months Large Weekly Planner. Magenta, 2014

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This new large format 12-month weekly diary features a dark pink hard cover with rounded edges, a dark pink ribbon bookmark, elastic enclosure, flyleaf with coloured print and inner pocket with coloured fabric. It has 144 acid-free pages and an expandable inner pocket which contains a removable address book with 28 lined pages, as well as coloured lettering. The whole week is printed over 2 pages with a horizontal layout.

Surely a design classic, the Moleskine notebook was originally made by a small bookbinding company in Paris. For a hundred years discerning artists, journalists, authors and travellers were able to buy these wonderful notebooks in Parisian stationers. Picasso, Van Gogh, Hemingway and Chatwin were all fans of this anonymous little black notebook. In 1986 the manufacturer of these notebooks, then based in Tours, closed down and they were no longer available until a Milanese publisher began to produce them again in 1990. Since then the range has expanded hugely but the basic concept and quality remain exactly the same. We have stocked Moleskine since 1990.

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Moleskine Moleskine 12 Months Large Weekly Planner. Magenta, 2014
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