Miniaturi Citadel Wood Elves Eternal Guard

ISBN: 5011921050345 Brand: Citadel Stoc: La comandă

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The Eternal Guard are the wardens of Athel Loren. During the frozen winter months when the forest spirits slumber the Eternal Guard protect the sacred groves and glades from all invaders. Every Wood Elf Lord is expected to keep a company of Eternal Guard to serve as bodyguards. These warriors are selected from those of noble birth that have proven themselves on the field of battle.

This multi-part plastic boxed set provides all the components to make 10 miniatures armed with double headed Astri spears and shields. You can also make make a command group with a banner bearer, a musician and a champion known as the Eternal Warden.

The miniatures in this boxed set can be assembled as either Eternal Guard or Wildwood Rangers. 

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Citadel Miniaturi Citadel Wood Elves Eternal Guard
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