Manifesto Pencils in a Tin

ISBN: 5060121253155 Categorii: Wild & Wolf, Creioane colorate set. Brand: Literary Transport Stoc: La comandă

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12 HB high quality pencils, each featuring a different quote on a bright yellow pencil and enclosed in a flip-top tin. Supplied in a neat POS of 12. A selection of brilliant inspirational sayings: make hay while the sun shines, don't worry be happy, all you need is love, work less play more enjoy life, the world is your oyster, stop look and listen, too much of a good thing can be wonderful, do one thing everyday that scares you, eat drink and be merry, have a nice day, ooh you are awful but I like you, and live the life you imagined. Pencil tin measures 18.5 x 5cm.

Literary Transport
Isbn 13
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Literary Transport Manifesto Pencils in a Tin
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