Magma Sketchbook: Idea Generation

ISBN: 9781856699440 Categorii: Carnete de schite small. Brand: Laurence King Publishing Stoc: La comandă

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Artists have always relied on their sketchbooks. This was true for artists working within a fine art tradition and is just as true today in the age of Macs, digital cameras and computer-generated imagery. This new line of sketchbooks addresses the needs of contemporary practitioners: illustrators, designers, art directors, fashion designers, filmmakers and anyone within the creative industries. Helpful and user-friendly, these sketchbooks tread that fine line between giving users practical tools and information while not interfering with their creative freedom. They are also made entirely out of eco-friendly materials. This Idea Generation sketchbook includes 136 blank pages with idea prompts for creative thinking, plus 16 pages of exercises and useful information on: how to get from a problem to a solution; the four stages of the creative process; mind mapping and free association; reframing your proposition; and, using random stimulus.

Laurence King Publishing
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Laurence King Magma Sketchbook: Idea Generation
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