Lotta's Printing Studio Kit

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Celebrated designer Lotta Jansdotter has created the ultimate DIY decorating kit filled with stenciling and printing supplies. This see-through box includes carving tools with two different blades, custom stencils drawn by Lotta, stenciling sponges, and a fully illustrated 48-page booklet. Chock-full of photographs, inspirational ideas, and instructions, this guide takes crafters and artists through the basics of stenciling on walls, leaf-printing pillows, stampingcustom wrapping paper, potato-printing skirts and aprons, lino-block printing stationery, and more. Based on the popularbook Lotta Prints, this kit includes highlights from the book in addition to many entirely new projects.

Lotta Jansdotter
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Lotta Jansdotter Lotta's Printing Studio Kit
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