Husa Ipad Air 2 Shiraz

ISBN: 5397051900683 Categorii: Paperblanks. Brand: Paperblanks Stoc: În stoc

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This colourful cover reproduces a 16th-century Islamic book binding that was originally crafted from painted and embossed black goatskin.

Express yourself with the eXchange Tablet Jacket® System: the ultimate tablet accessory. Featuring cover designs from our elegant Paperblanks® design library, innovative magnet technology that makes the screen viewable from every angle and enhanced protective features safeguarding your tablet for everyday use, eXchange™ cases mean you never have to choose between fashion, versatility or protection.

Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, our grip technology holds your tablet securely in place, with protective edges keeping the screen, ports and buttons safe from dust, grime and spills.

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