Hatching Dinosaur Egg - mai multe modele

ISBN: 5055071540141 Brand: Puckator Stoc: La comandă

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Each hatching toy comes as an egg, which you place in water and after 48 hours a dinosaur will hatch out. Full instructions on how to hatch each dinosaur are detailed on each box.

Hatching dinosaur are CE marked and not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts. CE warning is written in both English and French.

Dinosaur eggs are priced individually however can only be purchased in multiples of 12.

With each 12 dinosaur eggs comes a decorative counter top display box.

This item is available in assorted designs. Please note when this item is low in stock, not all designs may be available.

Egg Height 6cm

Isbn 13
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Pukator Hatching Dinosaur Egg - mai multe modele
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