Charley Harper s Sticky Critters

ISBN: 9780764963346 Categorii: Stickere. Brand: Pomegranate Stoc: Stoc limitat

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An Animal Sticker Kit

Re-create the whimsical geometric animal art of Charley Harper—or mix and match to discover your own creatures! This creative kit shows you how to make an owl, a fish, a koala—twelve different adorable critters using more than 170 durable, reusable, vinyl stickers. The boxed set includes six sheets of peel-and-stick shapes, a double-sided board upon which to stick them (they also stick to glass), and a booklet illustrating the different designs. Challenge yourself to assemble the critters without looking at the instructions, or combine the shapes into a new animal and have your friends guess what it is! It's a menagerie of fun for ages 3 to 103.

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Pomegranate Charley Harper s Sticky Critters
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