Busy Office Page-A-Day and Notepad 2012

ISBN: 9780761162827 Categorii: Workman Publishing. Stoc: La comandă

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It 's a calendar, it 's a notepad, it 's a handy personal assistant for your desk. The ultimate multitasking accessory, "The Busy Office Pad" keeps you organized and on track throughout the year. On the right side of each page is a daily to-do list, along with blank space for jotting down meetings and notes.

On the left is a lively miscellany: a vocabulary word from Merriam-Webster, an On This Day notable event from Encyclopedia Britannica, famous birthdays, a joke, tip, or entertaining time-waster (including a weekly puzzle from Puzzability), and a quote: " Hell, there are no rules here, we re trying to accomplish something " (Thomas Edison).

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Busy Office Page-A-Day and Notepad 2012
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