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Six years in the making Undeniable is the culmination of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Rewind to 2002: the Melodic Rock community is taken by storm by the debut album of a new band named Mecca. Formed by vocalist Joe Vana, he enlisted, among others, the services of former Toto members David Hungate (bass) and Fergie Frederiksen on vocals and close friend and former Survivor founding member Jim Peterik, who contributed masterfully to the songwriting and production of the album. Mecca created a sonic treasure bringing the energy to drive diamond hard rockers and the finesse to create lush power ballads, all with the texture that, until now, only super-groups such as Journey, Toto or Foreigner could provide. Amazing press responses blessed the album s release and Joe Vana soon started putting together plans for a follow up album. Songwriting started in 2005 between Vana and Swedish guitarist Christian Wolff. In 2007 things really took a ground breaking turn with the songwriting masterpieces that Vana wrote with Swedish Producer/Song Writer/Guitarist Tommy Denander. According to Vana The writing synergy between Tommy and I has been amazing, we think so much alike in terms of melody and space but sounds very different melodically than what we both have done separately, so it truly is a union of ideas... .

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Frontiers Records
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1. Perfect World 4:01

2. Closing Time 3:51

3. Ten Lifetimes 5:13

4. Life's Too Short 4:04

5. I Know 4:17

6. Did It For Love 6:03

7. From The Start 5:11

8. Deceptive Cadence 6:10

9. W2w 3:13

10. Undeniable 4:16

11. As I Walk Alone 5:01

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