Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

ISBN: 5034202020516 An apariție: 2009 Stoc: La comandă

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The disco-punk bandwagon might have long since left town, but Tonight:Franz Ferdinand suggests Glasgow’s arch dukes of art-pop aren’t going to let a little thing like a shifting zeitgeist put them off their principle aim of writing music to make girls dance. Whereas its predecessor, 2005’s You Could Have It So Much Better, felt a little rushed in the execution, Franz’s third album feels stronger for its two years of gestation. Employing a slightly more rigid, synthetic feel than its predecessors, these twelve tracks mix up sing-along pop moments and loping grooves with sundry left turns, meeting expectations, then confounding them with a showy flourish. “Ulysses” is clip-cloppy funk that builds to a huge chorus with a long slide of squelchy synthesiser, while “Lucid Dreams” dispenses with guitars entirely at the four-minute point, morphing into Fischerspooner-style techno. Meanwhile, your host, Alex Kapranos, remains just on the charming side of sleazy, crooning “Kiss me/Kiss me where your eye won’t meet me” (“Turn It On”), or on the Beatles-esque “Twilight Omens”, trying to laugh you into the sack: “I typed your number into my calculator/ Where it spelt a dirty word, when you turned it upside down…” Tonight might be a little too erratic to reignite Franzmania, but it strikes a neat balance between consolidation and reinvention. –-Louis Pattison (

Franz Ferdinand
Casa Discuri
Domino Records
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1. Ulysses
2. Turn It On
3. No You Girls Never Know
4. Twilight Omens
5. Send Him Away
6. Live Alone
7. Bite Hard
8. What She Came For
9. Can't Stop Feeling
10. Lucid Dreams
11. Dream Again
12. Katherine Kiss Me

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