The Rough Guide to Unsung Heroes of Country Blues

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This album brings to the fore classic early blues masterpieces that deserve to be heard and allows the limelight to fall on some of the lesser-known country blues masters. Essential listening for any blues connoisseur, this is an adventure into some of the more hidden recesses of country blues.

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1. Fishing Blues - Thomas, Henry
2. Never Drive A Stranger From Your Door - Harris, Willie
3. Don't Put That Thing On Me - Gibson, Clifford
4. Cairo Blues - Spaulding, Henry
5. Keep It Clean - Jordan, Charley
6. Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home - Cannon, Gus
7. California Desert Blues - Hardin, Lane
8. Little Girl In Rome - Virgial, Otto
9. Married Man Blues - Reynolds, Blind Joe (Willie)
10. Fare Thee Well Blues - Callicott, Joe
11. Lonesome Road Blues - Collins, Sam
12. Pick Poor Robin Clean - Wiley, Geeshie / Thomas, Elvie
13. My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon - Hill, Solomon "King"
14. Old Original Kokomo Blues - Arnold, Kokomo
15. Labor Blues - Dickson, Tom
16. Section Gang Blues - Alexander, Texas
17. Let's Go Riding - Spruell, Freddie
18. Roll And Tumble Blues - Newborn, Willie "Hambone"
19. Please Ma'am - Howell, Peg Leg
20. Cottonfield Blues [Part 2] - Akers, Garfield
21. T'ain't Nobody's Business If I Do [Part 2] (Take 1) - Stokes, Frank
22. Rolling Log Blues - Kimbrough, Lottie
23. You Can't Keep No Brown - Butler, Sam Aka Jackson, Bo Weavil
24. Cherry Ball - Mississippi Bracey

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