The Rough Guide to Latin Rare Groove - Volume 2 - Vinyl

ISBN: 0605633632422 Categorii: World Music Network Vinyl. An apariție: 2015 Stoc: La comandă

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Nine of the finest tracks culled from 'The Rough Guide to Latin Rare Groove (Volume 2)' now available on vinyl. The LP includes a download card also gives you extra Latin Rare Groove tracks.

This Rough Guide offers another treasure chest of golden nuggets from the Latin Rare Groove mother lode. Glittering delights range from Ray Pérez's Venezuelan combo Los Kenya to the retro-funk sounds of The New Mastersounds and a previously unreleased gem by NYC salsa orchestra Conjunto Alayon featuring a young Jimmy Bosch.

Various Artists
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World Music Network
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Side A:
1. The New Mastersounds - The Tin Drum (Feat. Sam Bell) - The New Mastersounds
2. Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz - El Cencerro Shingaling - Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz
3. Los Kenya - Un Clavel, Una Tarjeta Y Un Lapiz - Los Kenya
4. Papo Y Su Combo - Papo Boogaloo - Papo y Su Combo
5. Carlos Hayre Y Su Orquesta - Mi Chica Se Vuelve Loca - Carlos Hayre y Su Orquesta

Side B:
1. Nelson Y Sus Estrellas - Fantasia Latina (Guaguanco)
2. Los Belking’s - Sabata (45 Version)
3. Conjunto Alayon Feat. Jimmy Bosch - Ha Llegado La Hora
4. Jungle Fire - Tokuta (Kid Gusto Remix)

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