The Life And Music Of Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe
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1    Some Like It Hot
2    Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend
3    My Heart Belongs to Daddy
4    Bye Bye Baby
5    Little Girl from Little Rock
6    River of No Return
7    Every Baby Needs a Da-Da-Daddy
8    Incurably Romantic
9    Kiss
10    I Wanna Be Loved by You
11    Anyone Can See I Love You
12    After You Get Waht You Want
13    Heat Wave
14    When I Fall in Love
15    Let's Make Love
16    One Silver Dollar
17    Do It Again
18    That Old Black Magic
19    There Is Not Business Like Show Business
20    Happy Birthday Mr. President
1    Marilyn Monroe 1926-1962
2    Love Nest
3    Let'smake It Legal
4    Were Not Legal
5    Don't Bother to Knock
6    Monkey Business
7    Niagara
8    Hollywood Spotlight: Marilyn Monroe & Jane Rusell
9    Gentlemen Preffer Blondes
10    How to Marry a Millionaire
11    Joe Dimaggio Weds Marilyn Monroe
12    Japan Acclaims Marilyn & Joe on Honeymoon
13    Gi's Mobilize in Korea – Marilyn's There!
14    River of No Return
15    There Is No Business Like Show Business
16    Seven Year Itch
17    Marilyn Returns to Hollywood, Talks to Reporters
18    Arthur Miller & Marilyn Monroe to Marry
19    Bus Stop
20    Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller Travel to England
21    Marilyn Stands Behind Arthur Miller
22    Prince and the Showgirl
23    Some Like It Hot
24    Let's Make Love
25    Misfits
26    Marilyn's Surprise: Happy Birthday Mr President
27    Marilyn Monroes DeAth: Probable Suicide
28    Farewell to Marilyn Monroe
29    Death of a Star: Marilyn Monroe Dies Tragically

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