The Art of the Chinese Guzheng

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Wu Mengmeng is a master of the guzheng, the Chinese harp. Her new CD contains a nice sample of what is possible with this instrument, best known from traditional Chinese music. The guzheng has a long history and has changed appearance regularly. Game techniques also evolved, depending on the regional culture. from. Wu Mengmeng introduces us to the many facets of her instrument.

Wu Mengmeng
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Arc Music
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1. Wu Mengmeng - Lament of the great wall (Opening)

2. Wu Mengmeng - Best wishes
3. Wu Mengmeng - Climbing up the stairs
4. Wu Mengmeng - Lanterns and moonlight
5. Wu Mengmeng - Pink lotus
6. Wu Mengmeng - Winter crowns playing in warter
7. Wu Mengmeng - Frontier moon
8. Wu Mengmeng - Thirty-three measures
9. Wu Mengmeng - Plum blossom melody
10. Wu Mengmeng - Much sorrow
11. Wu Mengmeng - Buddha's chat
12. Wu Mengmeng - Lament of the great wall
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